Twenty years ago, my favorite History Professor drummed a statement into our American History 101 class repeatedly, and I never forgot it:
"If you want to bring the past to life, you've GOT to tell stories.
Dusty dates, dry textbooks and dead Presidents just don't cut it.
All that goes down the memory hole... EXCEPT for the stories we remember."

Truer words were never spoken. I learned long ago that you don't learn much history by studying dates, places and events.
When you do that, YOU FORGET. You forget the great events, the heroic deeds, the amazing unknown stories,
and the qualities of character that made our country great.

If you want your kids to get a taste of what life was like in our shared past,
To understand the emotions and passions that motivated people to act as they did,
To relive the sights, sounds and smells that surrounded them,
They have GOT to hear the stories of the people who made our nation what it is.

Why these Audio Programs are so Valuable to your Children's Education:

The classic radio programs in these great collections were carefully screened and selected for homeschooling families for their educational and entertainment value. And unlike most "entertainment" that permeates our culture today, positive moral values and character traits are celebrated and encouraged in these stories. 

These are true stories of true American Heroes -- both famous and unknown... great events that shaped our history... and the qualities of character that made our country truly great.  They are a great way to supplement your current studies, or a great history curriculum on their own.   Your kids will learn more about our American heritage from these wonderfully evocative, vintage programs than any textbook you can find, guaranteed. They reach out, grab you, and draw you in, in a way no video can. That's because they perform their magic on the greatest stage of all -- the "theater of the mind", where your own imagination fills the stage with detail and texture. You actually feel like you are right there, experiencing the hardship, toil, perseverance, defeats and victories right along with those who came before us. That's the power of great radio.

I remember the answer one 1950s era boy gave to a survey question, "Which do you prefer: Television or Radio?"
The young man's reply: "I like radio, because the pictures are better."

We agree! They are fascinating... educational... stirring...  a great way to get your kids EXCITED about - and reall ENJOY - learning their history. (They're also great fun to listen to, as well!)

So here's the deal:
Included in this Downloadable Ultimate Mega-Collection are all the American History programs from
15 of our most popular MP3 CD collections:


The regular price for these individual Collections is a whopping $269. But...


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You get complete access to ALL of the Collections & Resources you see below, on one massive members-only download page.
You will have a Full Year to Download any and all of these American History audios you want,
when you want them... but any and all resources you download are yours to keep, permanently.
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HUGE catalog of resources in detail!

Okay -- Want to see all the programs that are
included in your American History for the Ears
Ultimate Mega-Collection?

Hang on to your hats... this is a crazy long page!
Here's a rundown on all the collections that will be available to you in the American History for the Ears Mega-Site!

(TIP: You'll find lots of Audio Samples to listen to as you read through these listings!
Just look for the little picture of the kids in front of the radio, like this one!)

In Volume One of the American Heroes Collection you'll learn the true stories of men and women
who risked all they had by standing up for freedom and giving their all for God and Country.
What they fought and died for is what we enjoy today.

Lexington & Concord
July 4, 1776
Virginia ratifies the Constitution
William Penn & the Holy Experiment
A Tooth for Paul Revere
Battle of the Ovens (How a lowly baker saved the Continental Army)
The Declaration of Independence
George Washington, Farmer
Abigail Opens the White House
Thomas Jefferson and American Education
The Pine Tree Shilling
Down to the Sea
The Louisiana Purchase
Noah Webster
Patrick Henry
Benedict Arnold
Thomas Paine
Henry Clay of Kentucky
A Continental Uniform (John Andre)
Zachary Taylor
James Monroe

It took a special breed of men to explore the
new land and tame the wild frontier of our country.
Many of their adventures are legendary, larger than life.
But they are true.

In Volume Two of the American Heroes collection
you'll ride alongside the explorers, fighters, settlers
and peacemakers that
brought civilization to the new world:

Leif Erikson
The Will to Explore
The Heroes of the Sea
Jean Lafitte: Pirate & War Hero
The Conquered Distance
Defense of the Alamo
Heroes of Texas
National Parks Pioneers
The Last of the Scouts: Buffalo Bill
The Law West of the Pecos
Wild Bill Hickock
John James Audubon
Transcontinental Journeys
Life on the Mississippi

Click below to listen to a sample of
"Life on the Mississippi"

More than any other country in history,
America is the land of inventors and invention.
The drive to learn, to create, to help others,
led us in the 19th and 20th centuries
to amazing discoveries and innovations
that have benefitted all mankind.

In volume three of American Heroes,
you'll experience the setbacks and successes
of 30 amazing American innovators
who changed the way we live:

The Race of the Tom Thumb (first steam locomotive)
The Story of Dynamite
Thomas Edison, the Man
The 8th Wonder of the World
Samuel Slater
The Speed of Words
Minute Men of the Air
Heroism in Medical Science
Steamboat Builders
Railroad Builders
Black Rust
Pioneer Woman Physician (Elizabeth Blackwell)
The Magnificent Failure (Josiah White)
The Man with Green Fingers (Luther Burbank)
Kitchen Scientist (Fanny Farmer)
The Voice of the Wizard (Thomas Edison)
The Father of Plastics (John Wesley Hyatt)
The Man with the Cargo of Water
The Iron Mountain
John Bartram's Garden
Men Against the Mountain
King Coal
The Search for Iron

Click below to listen to a sample of
"Black Rust"

These 28 full length audio dramatizations of little known heroes and exciting adventures
during the War of American Independence will make history come to vivid life for you and your kids

Some of the great half hour audio programs you'll hear in this great collection include:


In the bleak winter of 1777 the American Continental Army was in miserable condition. The enemy had scored decisive victories at Brandywine and Philadelphia, and the army lacked food, clothing and arms for its soldiers. Scores of soldiers deserted each day. General Washington knew his troops must be trained and morale built in time for the springtime campaigns, and he turned to Baron Von Steuben, a brilliant Prussian officer, and a friend of the Colonial cause. It was the turning point of the war, for under Von Steuben's tutelage and Washington's leadership, the American Army at Valley Forge became a strong, confident fighting force that won battle after battle.

Click below to listen to a sample of

Molly Pitcher, Soldier

During the battle of Monmouth, on June 28th, 1778, "one of the hottest days ever known" when soldiers were dying of heat and thrust, the wife of John Hays, a sergeant of artillery, carried water in a pitcher to the thirsty soldiers. They gave her the name "Molly Pitcher". During the battle, her husband was struck down and the artillery piece he had manned was ordered withdrawn. She at once stepped to the front, seized the rammer and continued to assist in firing the piece effectively till the close of the battle.

Strike A Blow for Freedom

In 1778, young Thomas Forty was a printer's helper at a New York "Tory" newspaper -- though his sympathies were with the Continentals. After speaking out on his convictions, he was taken to the infamous Tory prison, "Sugar House", where he witnessed first-hand the brutal treatment of the prisoners, and was told to make a choice: betray General Washington, or be executed as a traitor to the king.

Signal to the World

It was against the religious convictions of Quaker Robert Townsend to practice violence or carry weapons, but his ingenuity and courage made him the key man in one of the most effective spy rings ever known. Posing as a prosperous merchant in support of the Torys, Townsend had many friends among the British officers, including their Commander-in-Chief Sir Henry Clinton. When the British suspected who the spy might be, they seized Townsend's wife Susan, and he had to make a choice between his religious convictions and his patriotism.

That Moore Girl

Bess Moore, a young Southern girl, became a most unusual hero of the Revolutionary War and the talk of the town when she overheard the plans of the enemy and determined, whatever the cost, to warn the local militia in time to save the citizens of her town.

The Greatest Risk

Thirty years before the Revolutionary War, the supporters of Bonnie Prince Charlie sent several secret agents, including James McDaniel, to America to organize an overthrow of the local government in order to discredit King George's rule. Settling in Salem, NJ, and getting to know the colonists, he became convinced that Americans did not need or want ANY king at all, but should be able to govern themselves.  However,when the other agents began their uprising, it was up to McDaniel to try to stop it if he could....

Mr. Peale and the Dinosaur

Charles Wilson Peale of Philadelphia was a man of many interests, including watchmaking, dentistry, portrait painting and scientific experimentation. But he never seemed to accomplish anything of any lasting significance until his friend Benjamin Franklin suggested he start a museum of natural history. "Such a museum could help the American people realize and appreciate the great wonders of the new world," said Franklin. And find wonders Peale did... though he had to dig for his star attraction.

A Storm at Monticello

A modern day couple on holiday arrive at Monticello after hours and find it closed -- but an odd man named Burgess greets them and offers to take them on a tour through the house. In strange detail, Mr. Burgess tells the visitors the story of Thomas Jefferson, and his love of home, family and country -- and it seems like he knows the person he is talking about VERY well indeed....

The Grand Design

In 1790, with the war behind the country, President George Washington commissioned Major Pierre Charles L'Enfant to design the Capitol city of the new United States. L'Enfant submits plans magnificent and breathtaking in scope... and as plans are made to begin work on the new Washington DC, other men saw a way to turn the project to their own advantage and become wealthy.

Mutiny in the Colonial Army

In this excellent episode of "You Are There", we travel back to a wind-swept parade grounds at Princeton, NJ, January 8, 1781, where eleven poorly clothed and paid regiments of General George Washington's Colonial Army have killed or wounded several of their commanding officers, marched out of camp, and set up their own armed headquarters in the College of New Jersey. Can General Washington negotiate a settlement with the mutineers before they turn on their countrymen and join the British? An amazing true story.

Listen, My Children

Listen my children and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere,
On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-five;
Hardly a man is now alive
Who remembers that famous day and year....
So begins Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's classic poem, "Paul Revere's Ride". But aside from that famous ride, what else do you and your kids know about the man Paul Revere? In this program, you'll learn many fascinating and little known stories about this great colonial patriot!

Incident at Lancaster

In this exciting Revolutionary War story, American soldier Captain James Lee went behind the colonial prison walls, posing as a Tory prisoner, to learn the method that British prisoners-of-war were using to escape.

As If A Door Were Opening

The amazing story of the Marquis de Lafayette, from his arrival in the New World to his remarkable career as a general in the Continental Army, and then his appointment as a member of George Washington's staff

Three Words

"Victory or Death!" These three words were the keys to the most daring military strategy of Washington's military career. This is the story of the origin of those words at the Battle of Trenton, and how they became the password for victory for the Colonials.

Ready on the Right

Alexander Hamilton was an aide to General Washington in the early months of the Revolutionary War, but he longed to obtain a field command and fight the British on the battlefield. This is the story of how he got his wish, and in doing so, formed "The Alexander Hamilton Battery", the oldest unit in the American Army.

The Dangerous Mission

Captain Allan McLane of Delaware was an audacious and daring raider of the British encampments as well as an undercover spy. His bravery and quick thinking was responsible for the American victory at Stony Point.

That Secret Road

The story of how two of General Washington's most famous spies saved the French fleet during the War, through their ingenious and daring secret messages.

One Came Through

We've all heard of Paul Revere's famous midnight ride to Lexington to let the people know the British were coming... but few know about the other man who also rode at midnight that same night, William Dawes. This is his story.

The Story of Patrick Henry

Hear in this program the little known stories and events from the life of Patrick Henry that climaxed in his fiery speech in the Virginia House of Burgesses: "Give me Liberty, or give me Death!"

The Battle of the Ovens

Christopher Ludwick was a humble man, a good and honest baker who had immigrated from Germany to Philadelphia. Though he was too old to serve in the Continental Army, he was determined to do his part for his country. He persisted until he became the Superintendent of Bakers for the Continental Army. He knew that an Army had to eat -- and armed with this knowledge, helped snatch victory from the jaws of almost certain defeat.

The Spy

A dramatization James Fenimore Cooper's second novel, which was hugely popular when published -- a classic adventure tale about the American Revolution, set in Westchester Country. The protagonist was Harvey Birch, a supposed loyalist who actually was a spy for George Washington, disguised as 'Mr Harper'.

The Incomparable Doctor

Known for his good nature, sense of humor, and warm charm, Benjamin Franklin won the affection of all who he met, and was a highly successful diplomat for the Colonies during the years preceding the revolution. Here is the little known story of his meeting with Lord Howe in a final, desperate effort to negotiate an honorable peace during the Revolutionary War.

John Yankee

In 1770, six years before the revolution, eight British soldiers were charged with murder and put on trial in Boston. Their offense: Shooting into an angry colonial mob. When no Tory lawyer would dare handle their case for fer of reprisals, young John Adams stepped up to defend the soldiers, at the risk of losing the respect of his fellow Colonists.

Thomas Paine

Fiery, trouble-making writer Thomas Paine, more than almost any other man, gave America the will to be free. Thomas Jefferson claimed that his plain-talk history of the Colonial struggle, "Common Sense", inspired the Declaration of Independence. His turbulent and ultimately tragic story is portrayed in this and the following program, "The Hated Hero of 1776", offer a fascinating portrait of this patriot.

The Hated Hero of 1776

Years after the Revolution, President Thomas Jefferson attempts to bring Thomas Paine back to the United States from his long years of exile in France. But Paine's rabble-rousing and drunken behavior has turned his fellow Americans against him, even though it was his pen that sparked the ardor that had pushed the Country to freedom years before.

Native Land

The stories of several American women -- from the days of the Revolutionary War to World War II -- who helped guide the course of the nation and shape its destiny are told in this fascinating series of vignettes in this program.

A Tooth For Paul Revere

Stephen Vincent Benet's warm and humorous classic story of how a simple farmer who had stood with his companions against the British at Concord Bridge went to see a renowned silversmith in Boston about getting a replacement for his broken tooth. He remained to join that silversmith, who was named Paul Revere, at that fateful night in Lexington.

New World a'Coming

Hear several fascinating and little known stories of how many black colonists, though slaves themselves, contributed to the cause of freedom by serving as soldiers in the Colonial Army, foiling a plot to poison General Washington, and more.

Valley Forge

The bitter months of the Colonial Army's encampment at Valley Forge in 1777 seemed to many to be the final, crushing defeat of the struggling American Army. But it proved to be the end of disasters, and the beginning of victory for the Americans' cause. This is the story of how General Washington found a way to give his men the inspiration, hope, and fortitude they needed to go forth to battle and victory. A great companion piece to the program "Reveille", described above.

Two Classic Bonus ebooks:

by G. A. Henty!
is the classic G. A. Henty tale of the American Revolution,
told from the perspective of a young boy caught up in the
turbulent events of the time. It is another great Henty story,
mixing history, excitement and adventure.

For some unknown reason, this book is not currently available in print from any publisher.
However, we have included the complete text of this exciting and educational Henty historical adventure
in PDF format on this CD collection.


This wonderful "read aloud" story of Franklin's life and times
will delight old and young readers alike. We guarantee your family will
thoroughly enjoy this classic illustrated retelling of
Franklin's life by author James Baldwin

Experience the Civil War
on Old Time Radio!

Climb on board the time machine... Close your eyes, and in an instant,
At Fort Sumter... Gettysburg... Appomattox... Ford's Theater...
in the camps and on the battlefield!

Our family is addicted to "old time radio". Fascinated with the War Between the States. And over the past two years, we've combined both passions -- combing through thousands of old programs to bring together this meaty collection of truly RARE Civil War oriented shows. (And let me assure you, there just aren't many of these to be found.) Some are mesmerizing, dead-on accurate re-enactments of actual events, some are romanticized heroic biographies, others great adaptations of classic Civil War stories. All are excellent, exciting, highly entertaining listening for any student of American History - young or old.

(originally called "CBS is There")
was a wonderfully evocative "documentary" radio show on the CBS network
that took historic events and dramatized them with "live radio" coverage.
Many of the announcers on "You Are There" were wartime
correspondents for CBS during World War II. The show was created by Goodman Ace
and hosted by Richard C. Hottelet, John Daly, and Don Hollenbeck,
and directed by Robert Lewis Shayon. Each show began
with "live" background coverage of events unfolding.
Then the sounds and characters involved take over. Though condensed to a
fast moving 30 minutes, the programs remained historically accurate,
believable and thought-provoking. They are "living history" at its finest,
and make it easy for the listener to imaginatively participate
in the world's major historical events.

"The Bombardment of Fort Sumter"
chronicling the events of April 12, 1861,
originally broadcast on May 22, 1949

"The Battle of Gettysburg"
chronicling the events of July 21, 1861,
originally broadcast on February 22, 1948

"The Monitor and the Merrimac"
chronicling the events of March 9, 1862,
originally broadcast on December 26, 1948

"Lee and Grant at Appomattox"
chronicling the events of April 9, 1865,
originally broadcast on November 7, 1948

"The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln"
chronicling the events of April 14, 1865,
originally broadcast on July 7, 1947

"The Capture of John Wilkes Booth"
chronicling the events of April 26, 1865,
originally broadcast on June 5, 1949

was "prestige radio" in every way, unsurpassed by any other program
in depicting the history and character of our country.
"Cavalcade" presented authentic drama and music
that focused on the people, culture and events that made America
what it is: Stories of heroes -- both famous and unknown;
great events that shaped our history; the music that inspired our nation;
and the character traits that made our country truly great.
I have collected old time radio shows for years,
and I can honestly say to you, these shows are some of the
very "best of the best"."Cavalcade" was renowned for being historically accurate
as well as highly entertaining. Every effort was made to make sure that
programs were historically accurate. This long running and well remembered series
ran from 1935 to 1953, and was sponsored throughout its run by DuPont.

"Abraham Lincoln: The War Years"
A dramatization of Carl Sandburg's classic book,
originally broadcast on February 2, 1941

"Venture in a Silk Hat"
The story of the Andrews Raid,
originally broadcast on January 14, 1946

"Honor Bound"
The story of Confederate hero Sam Davis.
This broadcast was performed live at the
Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN
originally broadcast on January 10, 1950

The story of Civil War nurse/spy Emma Edmonds
originally broadcast on October 10, 1950

"A Mockingbird Sang in Chickamauga"
A great Civil War spy story, based on
the book of the same name,
originally broadcast on December 26, 1950

"Loyal Lady"
The story of Rebecca Wright, a Union
sympathizer who lived in Virginia
originally broadcast on October 23, 1951

"Adventure on the Kentucky"
The story of ferry captain Cincinnatus Shryock,
starring Richard Widmark.
originally broadcast on March 11, 1952

was a summer replacement for Cavalcade of America, which
ran on the NBC network in 1951. Directed by Dee Engelbach,
written by George H. Falkner, with music by Milton Keagan, the series
was quite similar to "Cavalcade", focusing on biographical sketches (or
"portraits") of  great Americans.

"There Stands Jackson"
a portrait of General Stonewall Jackson,
originally broadcast on July 31st, 1951

a portrait of Abraham Lincoln,
originally broadcast on August 28, 1951

came to the NBC network in June of 1948, originating
at WMAQ in Chicago. The series dramatized the plights and accomplishments
of black Americans, with a strong Civil Rights stand. With a predominantly
negro cast, the series was the first and only radio drama series featuring
stories about African Americans heard nationwide. The series was written by
Richard Durham and produced by Homer Hect. In October of 1950,
the series changed directions completely, and thereafter focused on Cold War
threats and ideas.

"The Making of a Man"
the story of Frederick Douglass, part I,
originally broadcast July 25, 1948

"The Key to Freedom"
the story of Frederick Douglass part II,
originally broadcast on August 1, 1948

was a grand experiment combining great literature, education,
and all the magic of old time radio. Beginning in July of 1948,
this hour long show adapted classics of great American literature
(inserting insightful comments about the author of the work during the intermission),
allowing listeners to receive college credit for listening to the series,
via several affiliated colleges and universities. The series later was renamed
"NBC Theater of the Air", because the network thought the "university"
monicker was scaring some listeners off. Regardless, you'd be hard pressed to find
a finer show, with its intelligent adaptations and production second to none.

"The Red Badge of Courage"
a great hour long adaptation of Stephen Crane's novel,
originally broadcast on May 8, 1949

Click below to listen to a sample of
"The Red Badge of Courage"

"I'm a genuine "Civil War Nut" and I really enjoyed the CD....
  Congratulations on a wonderful product!" -- John P. DInnocenzi
Civil War Camp Chest/"Tree Huggin" John's Civil War Ezine

Bring Our shared American "Inheritance" --
47 amazing true stories from the pages of American History --
to life for your kids with this classic audio collection!

"We Americans are inheritors of a fortune compounded of many things:
Of fearless adventurers exploring mighty rivers...
of mountain men blazing trails through a forest wilderness...
and the voice of a great bell proclaiming Liberty!
Let us go back now to a significant time in our history, one that we all share in our... Inheritance!"

So begins these terrific patriotic history radio dramas, portraying great people and events from different eras of American history.
These half hour audio stories, originally sponsored by the American Legion, are wonderful "living history" lessons
and a great way to impart to your family the  great composite of visions, struggles and victories of the American past...
our great INHERITANCE!


Each program in the "Inheritance" collection is accompanied by our exclusive PDF LISTENING GUIDES
(3 pages of links, questions and discussion topics), to help you discuss each story and find out more about the topics covered.

The INHERITANCE collection contains
47 Half Hour MP3 Audio Programs (all in excellent sound quality!)
+ 47 PDF Listening Guides

Here's a listing of the programs included in this collection:

America's Greatest Bargain
The Story of the Louisiana Purchase

Proclaim Liberty
The amazing story of the Liberty Bell

The Story of a Soldier
Inspiring biography of Raymond Harvey, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army,
was the kind of soldier any man would want by his side.

Whipple's War
Great forgotten story of the American Revolution -
was Whipple a thief or a hero and patriot?

The Texas Rangers
How a small band of rangers defeated an army

But for the Courage of a Woman
How Miss Jane Sullivan and her herd of cows helped
win the American Revolution

The Nutmegger and the Turtle
The story of the first submarine - invented and used during the Revolutionary War!

The Story of Dorothea Lynde Dix
Inspiring story of a woman who served others and made a huge difference in our history

The Charter Oak
How an oak tree saved the state of Connecticut

One Mile of Rock
The story of the construction of the Soo (Sault) Canal

The Story of Mare Island
David Glasgow Farragut and the Mare Island Naval Shipyard

Young Davy Crockett
Great story of Crockett's early years and his growing up in the frontier

The man who invented the Cherokee alphabet

The Hand That Rocked The Cradle
The story of Elizabeth Jackson, mother of Andrew Jackson

The Flag that Talks
How Albert Meyer invented the flag-signal system.

The Mail Had Wings
The story of the pioneer aviators who helped establish
Air Mail in the United States

The Gingerbread Man
How a lowly baker saved the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War

That All May Know
The story of Justin Smith Morill, whose efforts spawned the agricultural extension agencies
and universities we have today

Victory on Lake Erie
How Oliver Hazard Perry built a fleet of ships from growing trees and defeated the British Navy.

Mother Bickerdyke
Famous Civil War Nurse

Gorgas and the Panama Canal
How Dr. William Gorgas defeated yellow fever, finally enabling
the Panama Canal to be built

The Whale Hunters
Story of the men who saved the whaling industry in the 1800s

The Story of Nancy Hanks
Mother of Abraham Lincoln

What is America?
Great program on why America was the destination of immigrants and
the envy of other nations for over two centuries

Harvest of the Stonyfields
A Story of Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys

The Story of Paul Revere

Man Without A Country
Edward Everett Hale's classic story dramatized

The Cordwainers
A story of how awful working conditions were in the 1800s,
and how some brave craftsmen risked all to  to help others

The Vanguard
The Story of freedom in America, and how much it cost those who came before us

The Log of the Louisiana
The Louisiana and her crew patrolled the Gulf Coast in search of pirates, and pirates they found

The Peacemakers
Story of Sam Colt, inventor of the revolver

Green Thumb in the City
The story of teacher Myra Kelly, teacher of immigrant children in the 1800s

Adventures in Laughter
A programs of “Bloopers of American History” - the point of which is that
even in desperately serious times funny things happened and laughter is good.

He Died Free
Crispus Attucks and the Boston Massacre

The Burning of Washington DC
The amazing story of how the British burned our capitol in the War of 1812

Their Rights and Nothing Less
Susan B. Anthony and the women's suffrage movement

Thanks for America
The amazing story of Charles Proteus Steinmetz, an amazing electrical engineer who
changed the face of our country

Two on Top of the World
Matthew Henson and Robert Peary - the first men to stand at the North Pole

To Save a City
Frederick Funston and the San Francisco earthquake of 1906

The Mountain Men
Hugh Glass was one of the "mountain men" of the early 1800's. Though he survived
Indian attacks, bears and starvation, his greatest act off courage
was his ability to forgive

The Giant of Virginia
The Story of Peter Francisco, who at age 16 was already 6 1/2 feet tall...
who became an amazing patriot in the American Revolution

In What-So-Ever House I Enter
The story of Elizabeth Blackwell, a woman who faced impossible odds
as a nurse and reformer for women's rights

Flight to Nowhere
In January of 1929 several men set out on an experimental mid air refueling endurance flight.
They actually flew around in circles over Southern California for nearly a whole week.
Great story of courage, faith and determination that changed aviation history.

Rails to the Pacific
The Story of the building of the first transcontinental railroad

Johnny Appleseed
The legend and history of John Chapman, the American frontier's Johnny Appleseed

William Bradford
The sad true story of William Bradford and the Pilgrims' voyage to the new world

George Washington Carver
The story of this great American scientist, botanist, educator and inventor

Click below to listen to a sample of
"Johnny Appleseed"

Four Classic Old Time Radio Series Dramatizing the
Great Events, Stories and People that Make Up our
American History!

Here's a great new collection of over 65 classic old time radio programs preserving and retelling
stories of people and events from the past. These are especially good for
teenaged students who want to have a better appreciation of our American history.

American Adventure

This was a fine American history series produced by the University
of North Carolina, with a wide variety of stories about American
values, accomplishments and beliefs throughout our history.
(30 minutes each)

A King with a Crown.mp3
Hearth Fire.mp3
Builders on the River.mp3
The Story of a Poet.mp3
Grandfather Jefferson.mp3
The Rat on Lincoln Avenue.mp3
Appointment at Fords.mp3
Dial Emergency.mp3
Jonny Appleseed.mp3
The Battle.mp3
The Yankee Loves a Lady.mp3
Federal Lion.mp3
George Washington Carver.mp3
The Zenger Trial.mp3
Thomas Wolfe and Unsound Door.mp3
The Story of Cyrus Fields.mp3
Pierre L'Enfant; Paint the Big Canvas.mp3
Joe Palmer; the Free Man.mp3
John Williams; Runaway Justice.mp3
The Demagogue.mp3
The Pioneer Call: Eli Lige - A Pioneer.mp3
Ezra Lee; Man of Iron.mp3

Click below to listen to a sample of
"The Pioneer Call"

American Portraits

Excellent series of 7 "portraits" of great American heroes from
Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Rogers Clark to Abraham Lincoln.
(30 minutes each)

The Incomparable Doctor.mp3
A Storm at Monticello.mp3
John Yankee.mp3
There Stands Jackson.mp3
The Stepping Stones.mp3
The Sword of Kentucky.mp3

The American Trail

A 13 episode series that traced the growth of America from the
Lewis & Clark expedition through the settlement of the frontier,
and into the early 1900s. (15 minutes each)

Chapter 1 - Dispatch to New York.mp3
Chapter 2 - The Northwest Ordinance.mp3
Chapter 3 - The Louisiana Purchase.mp3
Chapter 4 - The Lewis and Clark Expedition.mp3
Chapter 5 - Samuel Slater's Machine.mp3
Chapter 6 - The Golden Ocean.mp3
Chapter 7 - The Magic Wire.mp3
Chapter 8 - On to Monterey.mp3
Chapter 9 - The California Gold Rush.mp3
Chapter 10 - The Rich Desert.mp3
Chapter 11 - The New South.mp3
Chapter 12 - The Blue Yonder.mp3
Chapter 13 - The Brave Flag.mp3

The American Story

Great series dramatizing the history of the United States, based
on the book by Archibald MacLeish. Very in depth and well written
audio dramas that will especially appeal to jr. high and high school age students.
(30 minutes each)

Discoverers Of The Americas.mp3
American Name.mp3
Arrival From Indian Point Of View.mp3
Wars Against The Indians.mp3
Colonial Experience.mp3
Wars Of Freedom.mp3
Westward Thrust.mp3
Bowed Shapes.mp3
Infection Of Freedom.mp3
Shape Of Loyalists.mp3
Arms And The Man.mp3
Against Spiritual Tyranny.mp3
Industrial Revolution Begins.mp3
Doubling Our Heritage.mp3
Western Waters.mp3
Oregon And China.mp3
Franco-American Amity.mp3

Re-discover the almost forgotten
heroes, legends and stories...
the tragedies and triumphs
of Black American History
in this Vintage Audio Collection

This fascinating collection of vintage radio programs from the 1940s dramatize the history of Black Americans up to the mid 20th Century in an amazingly frank and open manner that you just won't find anywhere else in this "politically correct" day and age.

These are true tales of Black Americans from colonial and slave days to modern times... their music, stories, folktales and culture... stories of both common folk and celebrities... truly make history come to vivid life again for the listener.

What was life REALLY like for Black Americans
100 years ago... 200 years ago...
In your Grandparents' day...?
Just "tune in" and listen -- and prepare to transported
back in time...

Originally broadcast over 60 years ago, these programs are in fact "living history" themselves. They are an amazing archive not only of Black American History, but also of the remarkable time after World War II (but before the Civil Rights movement began) when horrible "Jim Crow" laws still applied in much of our country, and people were just beginning to truly come to terms with relations between the races. They reflect the ideals and struggles of a country coming to grips with itself, past and present, in a remarkable way.

These are captivating, riveting audio stories (in good to excellent sound quality) from which we can still learn much today -- great dramatic radio suitable for the entire family! Don't miss this collection!

Included on "Triumphs and Tears: Stories From Black American History" are the following programs...

New World a'Coming
The Negro in Early America
Ghettoes / Life in the Ghettoes
The Story of Negro Music
A Tribute to W. C. Handy
Freedom Road, Part I
Freedom Road, Part II
They Knew Lincoln
The "Mammy" Legend
The Negro in Entertainment
White Folks Do Some Funny Things

Destination Freedom
Knock Kneed Man, The Crispus Attucks Story
Railway to Freedom, The Story of Harriet Tubman
The Making Of A Man (Frederick Douglass, part I)
The Key To Freedom (Frederick Douglass, part II)
The Boy Who Was Traded for Horse (George Washington Carver)
Echoes of Harlem (The Story of Duke Ellington)
The Rhyme of the Ancient Dodger (The Story of Jackie Robinson)
Arctic Biography (The Story of Matthew Henson)
The Story of 1875 (The Story of early black Senator Charles Caldwell)
Poet of Pine Hill (James Weldon Johnson)
Shakespeare of Harlem, Langston Hughes
Little David (The Story of Joe Louis)
Black Boy (The Story of Richard Wright)
The Ballad of Satchell Paige
Tales Of Stackalee (Black folklore hero)
Trumpet Talks  (The Story of Louis Armstrong)
The Long Road (The Story of Mary Church Terrell)
Segregation Incorporated (How segregation in Washington, DC was ended)
Father to Son (The Story of Adam Clayton Powell, Sr. and Jr.)
Man Who Owned Chicago (The Story of Jean-Baptiste Point DuSable)
Premonition Of The Panther (The Story of Sugar Ray Robinson)
The Liberator (The Story of William Lloyd Garrison)
Shy Boy (The Thomas Fats Waller Story)
Kansas City Phone Call (The Nat King Cole Story)

The Free Company
Freedom's a Hard Bought Thing
An excellent story about a slave down South who catches the disease of "Freedom."
A Start in Life
A moving story about a poor Negro family and the daily indignities it must endure, by Norman Corwin.
A History of Black American Music

Lest We Forget
The Story of George Washington Carver

Click below to listen to a sample of
"The Boy Who Was Traded for a Horse"

Can Your Kids Name these Four Famous Americans? What do they REALLY know about them?
And what can they LEARN from them?

Introduce Your Kids to these Four Great Americans...
And They'll Discover the Kind of Character that
Made This Country Great

Ready for a classic character-oriented American History course your kids are gonna love? Then look no further... we've put together a fascinating American History Resource for Students of all ages -- one your kids will truly enjoy (and learn from!) and one that will be super-easy for your to "teach"!

Included in FOUR GREAT AMERICANS, you'll find...

* Four Complete Audiobook Biographies:
   The Stories of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Daniel Webster & Abraham Lincoln
* 20 + Classic Radio Dramatizations of events from the lives of these men
* 12 Story Books & Study Resources both for younger and older students
   to Make History Come Alive for your kids ... painlessly!

If you want to know your history, you have to get to know the people who were part of it. If you want to know why they did what they did, look at their character. If you want to understand their character, listen to their stories. These are the stories of four amazing men who helped make this country great.

Four Newly Recorded Audiobook Biographies of Four Great Americans...

In this brand new Audiobook edition of James Baldwin's classic retelling of the biographies of Four Great Americans, you'll hear the fascinating life stories of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Daniel Webster and Abraham Lincoln, four of the most important and unforgettable figures in American History. From their youth through their early trials and tribulations to their crowning achievements as pivotal figures in American History, each biography is professionally narrated by experienced storytellers (and homeschool parents!), making your history studies come to life in a whole new way. Each biography is approximately 1 hour in length, and is suitable for young and old listeners alike.

"Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for 'tis better to be alone than in bad company. -- George Washington

George Washington (1732 - 1799) was commander in chief of the Continental army during the American Revolution and first president of the United States (1789-97). Because of his central role in the founding of the United States, Washington is often referred to as the "Father of his Country". As a young surveyor, architect and scientific farmer, and later Commander of the Revolutionary Army and  President,  Washington embodied American values and across the world was seen as the symbol of the new nation.  And no one, even today, presumes to challenge the funeral oration of Henry Lee that among all Americans, he was "first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen."


"Who is wise? He that learns from every One. Who is powerful? He that governs his Passions. Who is rich? He that is content. Who is that? Nobody"  -- Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790) is today rightly considered one of our Founding Fathers and one of America's greatest citizens. Franklin was a true jack-of-all-trades: He was an influential writer, printer, first Postmaster of the United States, statesman, diplomat, inventor, musician, scientist and philosopher. Franklin often called himself "The Laziest Man in the World", referring to his wonderfully creative inventions meant to save time and labor (including the Franklin stove, bifocals, the lightning rod, musical instruments, and much more). He, more than anyone, invented the idea of an American nation, and as a diplomat during the American Revolution, secured the French alliance that made independence possible.


"If we work upon marble, it will perish; if we work upon brass, time will efface it; if we rear temples, they will crumble into dust; but if we work upon immortal minds and instill into them just principles, we are then engraving that upon tablets which no time will efface, but will brighten and brighten to all eternity." -- Daniel Webster

Daniel Webster (1782 - 1852), a native of New Hampshire, was considered one of the most influential and important figures of the pre-Civil War period, serving his country as a highly esteemed Senator, Secretary of State, diplomat and attorney. His legal work in the Dartmouth College case made an enormous imprint on American constitutional law. He was a renowned speaker and had ambitions to become president of the US (three times!).  However, because of his deeply held belief that the preservation of the Union was more important than any other issue, Webster gave a speech which denounced abolitionists, and many in the North considered him a traitor.


"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing." -- Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1865), the 16th president of the United States, guided his country through the most devastating experience in its national history--the CIVIL WAR. He is considered by many historians to have been the greatest American president. Born in a backwoods log cabin in Kentucky, Lincoln was a self-educated young man with little formal schooling who made extraordinary efforts to attain knowledge while working on a farm, splitting rails for fences, and keeping store at New Salem, Illinois. He was a captain in the Black Hawk War, spent eight years in the Illinois legislature, and rode the circuit of courts for many years. As president, Lincoln brought an end to slavery in the United States and preserved the Union through his supervision of the Federal forces during the Civil War.


But you know what? There's a whole lot more in this collection...

In addition to these Audiobook Biographies, we have packed many, MANY more resources for you in this collection, so it is NOT just another set of biographies, but a wonderful course in American History... with resources suitable for both younger and older students!

Here's a rundown of everything else you'll receive in this collection:

Classic Radio Programs

We've also included on this MP3/Computer CD over 20 vintage radio programs dramatizing different stories in the lives of our Four Great Americans. You'll share some of the adventures and experiences that not only shaped these men, but also the history of the United States. Each of these audio programs runs approximately 30 minutes.


The Young Years
A story set in the days of the beginning of the Revolution, and General Washington's touching concern about a young family member and her beau.

Valley Forge
The story of the worst winter in the Revolutionary War, and how the events at Valley Forge affected the course of the war.

The President and the Doctor
A little known story of the timeWashington almost died of a serious illness, and the amazing doctor who cared for him.

Mr. President
TWO separate episodes of this great program dramatizing true stories of the presidents' experiences while in office

George Washington, American (15 minutes)

George Washington, Scientific Farmer
Great story of Washington's innovative means of running his plantation... and of his sense of duty to his country.


The Man Who Wouldn't Be President
Great story of how Webster put his country's interests above his own ambitions.

Greeley of the Tribune
Actually a story of newspaper publisher Horace Greeley, this story involves a famous incident in the life of Webster.

All That Money Can Buy
This is the one fiction story in this collection, a very good adaptation of the play, “The Devil and Daniel Webster”,
in which the famous orator is called upon to defend a farmer who has sold his soul to the Devil.


The Laziest Man in the World
A great story detailing some of the fascinating inventions Franklin came up with... and his experiments with electricity & kites

The Story of Benjamin Franklin
Excellent biography of Franklin as he looks back over his life as an old man

You Are There: The Signing of the Declaration of Independence
Hear all the events surrounding the signing of this most important document in our history, as if radio reporters were covering the proceedings & interviewing many of the participants (including Washington and Franklin).



Out of the Wilderness
The story of Lincoln's birth in a log cabin near Hodgenville, KY

The Girl Lincoln Loved
The story of Lincoln's OTHER great love.

Stories of Lincoln
Three separate stories about Lincoln as told on the Cavalcade of America in 1936

Mr. President
Another great episode of the program that dramatized events in the administrations of different American Presidents

Abe Lincoln, The Prairie Years
Adaptation of Carl Sandburg's famous book

Abe Lincoln, The War Years
Another Sandburg adaptation, on events during the Civil War

Mr Lincoln Goes to the Play
... the story of that fateful night at Ford's Theater

You Are There: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
The story of Lincoln's assassination, told as if covered by radio reporters.


Also included in this collection are 12 PDF format ebooks, designed to enhance your study of these famous Americans.
We've included material suited both for very young students (wonderful read-aloud story collections),
to classic original biographies for older students and in-depth study.


Each of these short collections includes several short biographical stories of these great Americans when they were young.
These are great for reading aloud and sharing with youngest readers.

Childhood Stories of Washington & Lincoln by Ann Tatum

How Ben Franklin Learned

Great Stories of Daniel Webster for Reading Aloud


Four Great Americans by James Baldwin
This is the complete original text of our Audiobook production, suitable for independent reading or to follow along with the audiobook.

A Boy's Life of Abraham Lincoln
A short biography of Lincoln

From Boyhood to Manhood – The Life of Benjamin Franklin
A good biography of Franklin


George Washington, Farmer
Well illustrated book detailing Washington's life outside of politics

The True George Washington
Good biography

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
Franklin's own account of his life and times

The Everyday Life of Abraham Lincoln
A fascinating collection of stories about Lincoln contributed by people who knew him (illustrated)

The Life of Daniel Webster
A good biographical survey of Webster's life

The Speeches of Daniel Webster
Selected speeches made by Webster, including his most famous orations

"Mr. President... at home in the White House -- the elected leader of our people, our fellow citizen and neighbor. These are little-known stories of the men who have lived in the White House -- dramatic, exciting events in their lives that you and I so rarely hear..."
So begins each episode of this classic radio show that takes us "behind the scenes" and gives us a fascinating, very personal glimpse at some remarkable men and their role in our nation's history.

What a neat find these are! Civics, History, Biography and Mystery, all rolled into one! "Mr. President" stars veteran character actor Edward Arnold, (you've seen him in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington", "Meet John Doe", "Annie Get Your Gun", etc.), each week portraying a different United States President in some fascinating true (and often very unusual) incident from his tenure in the White House. For instance... in this collection, you'll hear about:

The time a ghost was found in the White House basement...

The time the President's family was almost killed by food poisoning...

How one President used to elude his bodyguards by taking walks through the swamps surrounding Washington... and much, much more!

There's no better way to make these great men
-- who, let's face it, most of us know very little about --
come to vivid life.

One other thing we really like about this show is that the President is never identified by name until the end of the program -- YOU have to guess his identity, based on the abundant clues given in the story, before it is revealed in the epilogue. It makes this show not only a great way to learn about history and civics -- it makes it a fun mystery to solve, too!

Some of the Presidents covered in this great collection of over 50 classic episodes of "Mr. President" include:

George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Teddy Roosevelt
Martin Van Buren
Grover Cleveland
John Quincy Adams
Woodrow Wilson
Ulysses S Grant
James Monroe
Benjamin Harrison
Rutherford B Hayes
Martin Van Buren
John Tyler
William Howard Taft
Andrew Jackson
James Buchanan
Warren G Harding
James a Garfield
Thomas Jefferson
Calvin Coolidge
Andrew Jackson
Zachary Taylor
Andrew Johnson
John Tyler
James K Polk
John Adams
Ulysses S Grant

You get 50+ full length half hour episodes of "Mr. President" in superb sound quality in this outstanding collection!

Click below to listen to a sample of
"Mr. President"

The Story of The Constitution
"A Living History for the Ears Audio Unit Study"
It is the supreme law of the United States, and provides the framework for the organization of the United States Government.
It is the most foundational document in American History, upon which has been built the greatest nation on earth.
So - do your kids know what is in it... what it's all about... and what it means to them?

Now in this wonderful new treasury of audio readings, dramatizations and resources, your students will come to know and appreciate
the importance and significance of this cornerstone of democracy and freedom... just by listening.
Listen... Discuss... Learn!   It's that simple!

Here is what is included in this "Audio Unit Study" collection:

The Origin of the Constitution
by James Baldwin, Audiobook read by Nathan Pilling
MP3 Audio Reading (22 minutes) + PDF ebook

A fascinating look at the events and problems that faced the fledgling United States of America, and how
they were resolved in the creation of the United States Constitution. Both the audio version as well as the
PDF ebook version is included in this Unit Study.

The Constitution of The United States of America & Amendments
MP3 Audio Reading (50 minutes) + PDF ebook
An excellent word for word reading of the Constitution and Amendments, plus a complete transcription of the Constitution in PDF format.
Let your kids actually see and hear the exact words that make up this foundational document in our nation's history!

You Are There:
The Ratification of the Constitution of the United States of America
MP3 Audio (30 minutes)
A wonderful "on the scene" re-enactment of Virginia's ratification of the Constitution, and its subsequent passage into law, as might have been covered by modern radio reporters
on the scene, interviewing participants in the debate, and reporting on the outcome of this momentous event.
This episode of the classic radio series, "You Are There" was originally broadcast on September 19, 1948

The Story of the Constitution
MP3 Audio (30 minutes)
A great "living history" program, telling the story of the framing of the Constitution,
originally broadcast on the Cavalcade of America on Dec 12, 1937

Our Magnificent Possession
MP3 Audio (15 minutes)
Why is the Constitution so important? And how does it differ from the laws of other nations?
Find out in this excellent and amusing program on why the Constitution was needed to frame a government in which all the states could
function together, which allowed the United States to become a great nation.

We Hold These Truths
MP3 Audio (45 minutes)
One of the most famous radio programs of the WW2 era, by Norman Corwin - On the 150th anniversary of the Constitution,
this program relates the meaning of the Constitution through history as well as through the eyes of average Americans... and how it affects us all.
Stirring, thought-provoking radio, especially good for older students who care about history - excellent!

The Story of Our Flag
Discover the fascinating true story of our nation's most honored symbol
in this Brand New Homeschool Radio Shows
"Living History for the Ears" Audio Unit Study!
A wonderful, patriotic study! Just listen... and learn!

Included in this Audio Unit Study for the Ears:


The Story Of Our Flag - Audiobook
Discover the fascinating history of flags and how they were used in centuries past,
then learn how our own flag developed from earliest colonial days until the birth of our nation.
Wonderful stories, great "living history" - for the ears!
Read by Nathan Pilling (56 minutes)

A Ring of Stars
Audio dramatization on how Betsy Ross made the first "stars & strips" flag
Originally broadcast on "Proudly We Hail" in 1949

The Star Spangled Banner
The story behind Francis Scott Key's writing of "The Star Spangled Banner",
as originally broadcast on "The Voice of the Army" in 1951

The Brave Flag
In this fine episode of the radio program "The American Trail" (1953)
a father and son take a very patriotic look at what the flag has meant to Americans
all through our country's history. 15 minutes

The Story of Our Flag - PDF ebook
The text version of the above audiobook

Discussion Guide to "The Story of Our Flag"

Our Flag
Great history of the flag, including rules for displaying & ceremony, with many, many illustrations.

The True Story of the American Flag
(1908) by John H. Fow
Another great illustrated history of the the evolution of the flag

Re-Discover the Amazing True Stories of the Brave Explorers and Pioneers whose
Courage, Vision and Determination Helped Civilize the American West!

Come join us on a thrilling journey into American History as we explore the western frontier! Let's journey with Robert LaSalle as he navigates the mighty Mississippi River... fight with a hopelessly outnumbered garrison of brave soldiers in the Alamo... discover John C. Fremont's legendary "Oregon trail"... and ride along with Buffalo Bill Cody through dangerous Indian territories! These are just a few of the stories featured in Frontier Fighters -- a western series unlike any other, one that takes you on a historical journey through the exploration and settlement of the American West. In these 39 fifteen-minute episodes, you'll re-discover true stories of hardship and courage, joy and danger, as you learn about the famous, infamous, and sometimes forgotten pioneers that did their part to tame the wild frontier.

In this HomeschoolRadioShows collection, we've added all new musical introductions and endings to each episode of this classic educational radio series, to better capture the attention of young listeners. But even better: We've created 39 Lesson Plan Listening Guides - one for each and every episode, so you can use these programs as a true part of your history studies. Each Listening Guide includes added background and insight into the audio story, plus thoughtful discussion questions from a distinctive Christian viewpoint (click here to view a sample)! Together, these audio stories plus the guides give you and an outstanding teaching resource that you can easily use to make this part of American History come to life for your kids in this New Year!

Here's a roundup of everything we've corralled into this great new collection:

The complete series of 39 episodes of
Frontier Fighters, newly updated & remastered!

 Robert LaSalle
Lewis and Clark
Zebulon Pike
John C Fremont
Kit Carson
Jedadiah A Smith
Marcus Whitman
John McLaughlin
The Donner Party
The Fall of the Alamo
Stephen W Kearney
Joseph Meek
Lynn Coulter and George C Pickett
John Sutter and James W Marshall
Buffalo Bill Cody
Idaho Territory
Santa Fe Trail
Wild Bill Hickock
Reverend Thomas Starr King
Cochise and Capt Tom Jeffers
Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroad
New Mexico Territory
The Little Big Horn
Steven Austin
Oregon Territory
The Comstock Lode
John Phillips
Oklahoma Land Rush
Oregon and the Pacific Republic
Annie D Tallent
I. Bert Perine
Wells Fargo
Anton P Stafford
Arthur A Denny
Yellowstone Park
Eliza Ann Brooks
General N K Niles

All 39 15-minute episodes, over 9 hours of audio... INCLUDED ON THIS COLLECTION!

Bonus Resource!
New Listening & Discussion Guides
Included with Each Episode of Frontier Fighters!

Get much more out of the "Frontier Fighters" History programs with our Exclusive Listening Guides! These 39 Lesson Guides (one for each episode in the series) written by Penny Raine, give you added background and insight into the audio story, and provide thoughtful discussion questions from a distinctive Christian viewpoint! Click here to view a sample Listening Guide. Use these to fully integrate these audio programs into your history studies and make these programs a true learning experience.

All 39 PDF format Lesson Guides...  INCLUDED ON THIS COLLECTION!

Click below to listen to a sample of
"Frontier Fighters"

Complete Series - All 13 classic episodes!

Next, follow along with Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on their exploration to chart the vast unexplored western frontier of America This well-written and performed series of thirteen broadcasts performed for Armed Forces Radio follows their incredible journey from their commission by Thomas Jefferson in 1803, through exciting tales of meeting the fierce Teton Sioux Indians and other tribes, dealing with horse thieves and hunting for daily food, Sacajawea joining the expedition, exploring the Yellowstone River, and fighting a Blackfoot Indian war party. Classic historic adventure!

Mr Jefferson's Dream
The Confrontation
Dakota Winter
Into the Unknown
The Great Falls
Shoshone Country
To the Pacific
Fort on the Columbia
Homeward Bound
Decision at Traveler's Rest
Clark and the Horse Thieves
Lewis and the Blackfeet
Down the Missouri to St Louis

All 13 half-hour episodes, over 6-1/2 hours of audio... INCLUDED WITH THIS COLLECTION!

Two Little Savages
Being the ADVENTURES of Two BOYS
Who Lived as INDIANS
and What They Learned

A Story with over 300 Illustrations
by Ernest Thompson Seton

This is a great, GREAT book by Ernest Thompson Seton, a wonderful wildlife writer and illustrator, and

one of the founders of the Boy Scouts of America, originally published in 1917.

The story is set in the mid-1800's, and tells the tale of Yan, a sickly city boy, is sent to spend the summer on his cousin Sam's farm in the country to recover his health. After initially despising one another, the boys gradually get better acquainted, and make allowances for each other's differing experiences, perspectives and education. A fascinating story and plot line unfolds, as the boys accept a challenge to spend their summer living "off the land" in the woods near their farm, and set out to prove they can survive just like the early Native Americans!

In this story, we get to follow along and learn with them about plants, animals, building shelters, gathering and cooking food, hunting, fishing, building teepees... and see exactly what mistakes they make, and what ingenious devices and methods they come up with to survive in style. In the process, we learn all sorts of fascinating stuff about how the Indians lived long ago. This is a hugely entertaining and instructive book, chock full of great projects, illustrations, diagrams, Indian lore, and exciting adventures.  The story it tells is also very satisfying, as the characters grow and learn from older mentors as well as each other.

This book is absolutely filled to overflowing with fascinating woodlore information, skills and techniques, and countless drawings and sketches to explain or illustrate what the boys are discovering, doing, making or building. We highly recommend this wonderful American classic for red blooded, adventure-loving boys & girls of all ages!

 (PDF ebook, 500 pages, heavily illustrated)

starring Jimmy Stewart

"The man in the saddle is angular and long-legged. His skin is sun-dyed brown. The gun in his holster is grey steel and rainbow mother-of-pearl, its handle - unmarked. People called them both . . . The Six Shooter."

One of radio's last great westerns, The Six Shooter starred Hollywood legend Jimmy Stewart as Britt Ponset, a "Texas plainsman who wondered through the Western Territory, leaving behind a trail of still remembered legends." His adventures varied from the humorous to the dangerous, with some stories even based on classic literature. These great western adventure stories are classic radio, fun & exciting listening for the whole family to kick back and enjoy!

More Than Kin
Two of Britt's old friends are giving a performance of Shakespeare, but the unruly crowds force them to cancel further shows.
That is until P.T. Barnum wants to see the act and the friends need Britt to help save the show.

  Apron Faced Sorrel
Clay's mother sends the young man west to work on a ranch with Ponset.
When Clay is thrown while trying to ride a wild pony, he aims to show them all, including the pony, that he's no greenhorn.

  When The Shoe Doesn't Fit
Cinderella story of Cindy Lou Ames and her wicked step mother.
When the square dance comes around, Britt and a traveling merchant help bring about a happy ending to the story.

Crisis At Easter Creek
The church at Easter Creek is in need of a new organ, and the members elect Ponset to go about gathering donations.
Britt has a difficult job getting the needed money, until he teams up with Red Eye Kirk, an alleged outlaw.

  General Guilford's Widow
Hanna Guilford carries on as if her husband were still alive. Some town folks feel that Hanna is crazy, others believe they have seen the general's ghost.
When Britt delivers some goods to Hanna, he discovers the truth.

Aunt Em
Aunt Emma decides to move to Powder Creek to take care of her nephew, Britt Ponset.
After a week of being looked after, Britt is set on finding someone to take her off his hands.

Battle At Tower Rock
Two families try to bribe Britt before the Franklin County Fair begins.
When Britt tries to get out of his judging the fair's preserve contest, Otis tells him how he has to be the judge so that the feud will end.

Quiet City
Times are changing in Quiet City, and Buzz wants to change with the times by getting an extra education, instead of becoming a sheriff like his pa.
But when Jake Norton is shot, both Buzz and his pa have doubts about Quiet City's future.

A Pressing Engagement
When Britt rides into Powder Creek he finds out that there's going to be a wedding... his!
And a young newsman, named Quint, isn't too happy about it, since Britt is to marry the girl he loves.

This TIME CAPSULE of Vintage programs
from 1941 - 1945 brings an outstanding
part of American History to vivid life.
A wonderful way to understand what life
on the homefront was REALLY like during WW II...

What was life like for the folks at home
during World War II?
Did it really affect our Grandparents' everyday lives
at work... at play... at school... at church... at home?

You'll be amazed!

World War II literally transformed every part
of American life, almost overnight!
It turned a country still mired in the depths of the
Great Depression into a thriving industrial giant
within a few short months...
and in the process changed the look, culture,
and heart of our country forever.

This unique collection of actual broadcasts made during
the war years gives you a first hand "look" at what the folks at home were hearing, laughing at, crying over, and thinking about:

From Ration Books to Gas shortages...
Scrap Drives to Black Market meats...
Dad going off to war and Mom working in the factories...
War Bond Rallies and transportation shortages...
Giving our all for our boys "over there"...

Included in this collection are over 60
authentic broadcasts as heard over the radio
in homes all across America from 1941 - 1945.
Comedies... Dramas... Morale Boosters... Commercials...
These shows were meant not only to entertain, but also to inform the American people about what was going on "over there"...
and to shape their thinking about the War Effort.

Now you can listen in to the very same
shows Grandma and Grandpa listened to when they were kids --
and hear, first-hand, how the War deeply affected life in the
United States.

(And note: You'll be well entertained along the way!
Many of these shows are still wonderfully fun
entertainment and adventure for the whole family!)

From Eclectic Homeschooling's review of this collection...
WWII: Life on the Homefront is an exciting time capsule of the sights and sounds of the Great War as it was lived on the home-side of the battlefields. You’ll laugh and cry at the radio programs that entertained, touched, and taught your grandparents and great-grandparents in the early-to-mid 1940s. More than just a fun collection of old radio shows, this computer CD packs palpable nostalgia in the voices of Burns and Allen, the Great Gildersleeve, Fibber McGee and Molly, Jimmy Stewart, Bob Hope, Claudette Colbert, Amos ‘n Andy, and more. Listen to the commercials; be encouraged to plant a Victory Garden and to buy bonds; learn, even as children, to be proud to play your part in defeating the Axis powers.

Beyond the radio dramas, old commercials, and stirring songs for your ears, the Erskine family has included a slide show presentation for your eyes. The computer show includes slides of vintage, wartime posters - the kind “the greatest generation” saw at church, stores, school, and work.

This CD is a perfectly “eclectic” way of adding flavor to your study of World War II, gardening, radio technology, American culture, and more. Additionally, it may give your family cause to stop and wonder why subsequent wars require less widespread effort at home. Not to take away from military families who, then and now, obviously bear the brunt of it, but my own children wondered why we don’t buy bonds or use ration cards or plant gardens to feed ourselves so large farms could feed our soldiers, or have scrap drives during today’s war. The sights and sounds of 1941-1945 will show you how much “average” Americans were asked to give 60+ years ago to “make the world safe.”

Some of the programs you'll hear in this great collection include:

Great comedy shows focusing on
homefront trials and tribulations:

Burns & Allen
"Gracie's Victory Garden"
"The Kansas City War Bond Rally"
Fibber McGee & Molly
"Black Market Meats"
"War Scrap Drive"
"McGee's Gas is Rationed"
"Red Cross Speech on the Radio"
"Red Cross Volunteer, McGee"
Lum & Abner
"Installing Victory Boxes"
"Lum, Air Raid Warden"
"Mousey, the Airplane Watcher"
The Great Gildersleeve
...and more!

Dramas and Documentaries that
are both History and demonstrate the
patriotic spirit of the nation...

"We Hold These Truths..."
Norman Corwin's classic hour-long audio salute
to the Declaration of Independence and
the Spirit of Freedom and Justice for All,
narrated by Jimmy Stewart
"Since You Went Away"
(how one family coped when their father went off to war)
"Remember Pearl Harbor"
(a first-hand account of what happened that day)
"The Snow Goose"
(Paul Gallico's stirring war story)
"Chicago, Germany"
(What would it be like if Germany took over Chicago?)
"Tommy Tucker, Patriot"
"The Children of America"
...and several more!

Dozens of fascinating WW II Commercials,
Songs, and Public Service Announcements
that will amaze and amuse you:

Any Bonds Today?
Salute to Farmers
Mileage Rationing
Sugar Rationing
Shoe Rationing (!)
Defense Stamps
Careless Talk Sinks Ships
Home Canning
Is This Trip Necessary?
Save Used Fat
Share the Meat!
Save Waste Paper
Price Controls
Use V Mail
Victory Gardens
Join the WACS
...and many more!

You get over 60 audio clips and full-length programs in
excellent sound quality.

ALL of the above Collections & Resources
are yours on our American History for the Ears
Ultimate Mega Collection download site.

These programs were carefully screened and selected for homeschooling families because of their educational and entertainment value.

Positive moral values and character traits are celebrated and encouraged in these stories.

A great way to supplement your current studies, or a great history curriculum on their own!

At one show a day, this collection contains TWO full school years of programs, so you can make daily listening a part of your homeschool day

Just pennies per half hour show -- A terrific investment in your children's character and education.

Great entertainment for road trips, bedtime, family time, any time

Playable on any PC or Mac, or downloadable to your iPod or MP3 player. You can also burn these programs to your own CDs

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