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William Shakespeare (1564-1616) was a poet, playwright and actor in Elizabethan England. His work has influenced and inspired writers and poets like no other author. His plays & sonnets have remained popular throughout the centuries, all around the world. But for all that, most young people today (and their parents) know little to nothing about this most famous and most quoted writer of all time.

We're not here to convince you that Shakespeare was one of the most influential, important English writers of all time. He was and still is. Nor are we going to try to convince you that every educated young person ought to be at least somewhat familiar with his work. That's a given. We're here to give you the TOOLS you need to introduce this wonderful writer's work to YOUR family.

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Whether you are already a Shakespeare "lover" -- or even if you've been  bewildered or "put off" by Shakespeare in the past (and if that's you, you aren't alone) — you'll find the wonderful resources in this brand new collection a delightful new way to experience Shakespeare's writings. And in the process, you may just plant a seed in your kids which will blossom into a love of the most classic literature - and writer - of all time.

Here's a run down on all the "tools" we've included in our easy to use, "painless"
Home Study Course to introduce Shakespeare to YOUR children and family:

E. Nesbit's
A Home Study Course For the Young At Heart
20 Stories from Shakespeare’s plays retold for all ages
Narrated by Rose Lee, Anna Sul, and Ramona Voight

The cornerstone of our SHAKESPEARE FOR THE EARS collection is a our newly recorded version of E. Nesbit's classic retelling of Shakespeare's plays,
BEAUTIFUL STORIES FROM SHAKESPEARE. Here is a little background information for you on this book and our audio production of it:

Edith Bland Nesbit (1858 - 1924) was an English author and poet whose children's works were published under the name of E. Nesbit. She wrote or collaborated on over 60 books of fiction for children, several of which have been adapted for film and television. You might recognize some of them: The Railway Children, Five Children and It, and The Story of the Treasure Seekers.

BEAUTIFUL STORIES FROM SHAKESPEARE is Nesbit's much beloved, time-tested classic "Living Book" adaptation of TWENTY of Shakespeare's plays, retold especially for younger listeners in her day (which means that they are appropriate for both young AND adult readers today). Her book, heavily illustrated and including a wonderful selection of famous quotes from Shakespeare & a pronunciation guide (all of which is included in our collection) was originally subtitled "A Home Study Course". It is indeed that, as anyone who goes through this volume will have an excellent grasp on Shakespeare's stories & a taste of his writing -- so we kept that subtitle for our own CD collection. Our brand new audiobook version of this classic book makes it all the more accessible and "painless" for those who want to introduce the Bard's work to their children.

Included in this newly recorded  4+ hour audiobook course:

* A Brief Biography of Shakespeare
* A Midsummer Night’s Dream
* The Tempest
* As You Like It
* The Winter’s Tale
* King Lear
* Twelfth Night
* Much Ado About Nothing
* Romeo and Juliet
* Pericles
* Hamlet
* Cymbeline
* Macbeth
* The Comedy of Errors
* The Merchant of Venice
* Timon of Athens
* Othello
* The Taming of the Shrew
* Measure for Measure
* Two Gentlemen of Verona
* All’s Well that Ends Well

Classic Audio Dramatizations from the days of
Old Time Radio

In 1939, the radio series "Great Plays" dramatized many of Shakespeare's classic plays in an excellent series of one-hour adaptations.
Slightly abridged both for time and content, they remain faithful to the original works. These were excellently performed,
and include great music accompaniment. They are a great way to give your kids a taste of "real" Shakespeare.

* The Tempest
*  Love’s Labor Lost
*  The Merry Wives of Windsor
* Julius Caesar
(two very different versions of this play are included!)
*  Macbeth
*  As You Like It
* Hamlet
* Othello

Even More Classic Audio programs!

Wonderful 2 part old time radio dramatization from "Suspense".
Much different than the one on our main collection, outstanding! (1 hour total)

A Festival of Shakespeare
A vintage three-part presentation of excellent excerpts and performances
from Shakespeare's sonnets & plays, very well done! (1.5 hours total)

Excerpts from Romeo & Juliet
Well done readings and performances from this play. (30 minutes)

* A Personal Shakespeare Anthology (1 hour)
20 Readings of great scenes from different Shakespeare plays, wonderfully read by actor Martin Clifton.

* An Interview with William Shakespeare
A witty and fascinating "interview" with Shakespeare & others who claimed to author his works (30 min.)

* Shakespeare’s Hometown
A story of how Shakespeare's hometown became the home for the most famed Shakespearean Festival of all, narrated by Boris Karloff

* English Restoration Plays
The fascinating story of the theatre in the years just following Shakespeare's death, and his influence on what came after him (1 hour)

Important Note:
The Audio Programs on this collection are MP3 files. That means that...
...the shows on this CD can only be played on your computer, an MP3 compatible CD player, or most DVD players. 
They will not play on a regular CD player. 

We've also included a HUGE assortment of
E-books, Study Guides, References & Teaching Resources
to help you in your study of Shakespeare... many of them
available nowhere else!

Beautiful Stories From Shakespeare
by E. Nesbit
The classic retelling of Shakespeare's plays, heavily illustrated with line drawings by Max Bihn.
A great read-along companion to our Audiobook version above. (PDF)

We surveyed over 300 homeschooling families who already study and enjoy Shakespeare's writings
and asked them what tips they would give to families new to the Bard's work.
Here are some of their best suggestions, tips and study ideas... some great, real life practical experience here, folks!
These approaches have worked for others -- you'll want to go through all of these and glean what can work for YOUR family!

Tales of Shakespeare retold for Children
by Charles & Mary Lamb
The "other" classic book of retellings of Shakespeare’s plays for the young at heart. This is a great complement to “Beautiful Stories From Shakespeare” as the two books bring out different details and nuances of each story. You'll want to LISTEN to the "Beautiful Stories" Audiobook version, then READ the Lambs' alternate version of each story! (PDF)

56 Page Shakespeare Coloring Book
Includes 2-3 full page illustrations to color from each of Shakespeare's plays.
Let your kids LISTEN to the Audiobook story while coloring these delightful illustrations! (PDF)

A Pronunciation Guide to Shakespeare’s Names
A quick way to untangle the tongue-twisting character names in Shakespeare's plays (PDF)

Great Quotations from Shakespeare for Copywork and Memorization
A delightful 30 page book of memorable quotes from Shakespeare's writings, categorized by subject, A to Z.
Ideal for copywork exercises, for reading aloud, or for memorizing.  (PDF)

Tips on Introducing Your Kids to Shakespeare...
So They Will Actually LIKE Him!
By Donna Conner(PDF)
Great suggestions from a veteran Shakespeare fan and homeschool mom.

Spooky Shakepeare
How about thrilling, creepy Shakespearean scenes to get your kids intrigued with the Bard?
This article tells you why they can be such a great learning tool...
and gives you some great read aloud examples! (PDF)

Shakespeare for All Seasons
An Introduction to the Bard for Homeschoolers, with an extensive online resource checklist (PDF)

A Brief Shakespeare Timeline (PDF)

A Shakespeare Picture Gallery
Classic paintings & illustrations of scenes from Shakespeare's plays (PDF)

The Sonnets of Shakespeare
All 154 sonnets by Shakespeare. (PDF)

The Age of Shakespeare
by Algernon Charles Swinburne
A survey of the OTHER great writers of Shakespeare’s day, and how they influenced (and were influenced by) Shakespeare’s writings. (PDF)

For Whom Shakespeare Wrote
by Charles Dudley Warner
Another very well written survey of the people and times in which Shakespeare lived, and how they viewed his works (PDF)

TEN Concise 8-10 page Study Guides
to Shakespeare's Comedy Plays

Each of these includes some background information on the play, an act-by-act summary, and discussion questions.

* Study Guide for The Merry Wives of Windsor

* Study Guide for The Merchant of Venice

* Study Guide for Comedy of Errors

* Study Guide for Two Gentlemen of Verona

* Study Guide for Taming of the Shrew

* Study Guide for Love’s Labour’s Lost

* Study Guide for Much Ado About Nothing

* Study Guide for As You Like It

* Study Guide for Twelfth Night

* Study Guide for The Tempest

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